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Probate Lawyer NYc

Probate Lawyer NYc

Probate Lawyer NYc

Before going into reasons why you need a probate Lawyer in New York, you first have to know what the probate lawyer does. As the name implies, a probate lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in probate law. This begs the question; what is probate law?


Probate law is an aspect of civil law concerned with the judicial process whereby the law court proves a Will as valid and acceptable as the actual last statement of the deceased. Once this will has been granted as valid, then the statement of the will can hence be executed.

In the case of an absence of a Last Will, (or a case of the will being invalid), the estate and assets left by the deceased will be settled according to the intestacy laws of the state; in this case, the New York intestacy law.

You might now have a clue as to:

What the Probate Lawyer New York does

Probate Law New York is a complex process. The Probate Lawyer New York is a professional trained in areas of Probate Law New York. Through his or her years of experience, can offer credible advice to personal representatives (the executors of a will) and also the beneficiaries, on how to settle all estate affairs of the deceased.

All the steps involved in the probate process of an estate depends on the probate laws of the state where the deceased resided, as well as any other state where he/she may own one or more estates. This is why as a resident of New York, you need to contact and hire a Probate Lawyer New York who is highly knowledgeable in the state’s Probate Laws.

Why You Need A Probate Lawyer New York

As A Beneficiary

A Probate lawyer can be hired by the beneficiary of a will, to offer advice and guidance in legal matters presented to him/her by the executor of the will. This may happen if the beneficiary and executor are not very familiar with each other. The executor may need to prove that the deceased did not sign the will under duress, most likely in the hands of the purported beneficiary. If you’re the beneficiary, then there is need to hire a Probate Lawyer NYc for legal guidance as the will must have to pass through validation (probate) in a law court.

During Probate, there is room for interested parties to “contest” the will. These parties may feel that they were being sidelined by the deceased, or that they have equal rights to the estate just like you. You may even be accused of putting the deceased under duress when signing the will, in order to have the lion’s share of the estate. You’ll need a Probate Lawyer to protect your interest at the eventuality of such scenarios.

What if the deceased failed to write a will before death? Since there is no Last Will stating who benefits from the estate, there are laws known as “laws of intestacy.” Intestacy laws dictates how the estate will be distributed in the absence of a valid Last Will. These laws vary from state to state and this is another cogent reason why you need to hire the services of a Probate Lawyer in New York.

As An Elderly, Preparing For The Inevitable

Probate -as the legal process by which your estate and assets are distributed at the event of your passing away–is a tedious process. Your assets must first be evaluated to see if they’re worth distributing according to the statement of your will, just as much as your debts need to be paid.

When you pass away, your family will be faced with the problem of sharing the assets. Who gets what, and in what proportions? To avoid making rash decisions that would lead to future problems, putting your family through financial and court stress, hurry now and hire the services of a Probate Lawyer NYC to help you settle your estate and write that will.

The Probate Lawyer NYc will help in matters relating to:

  • Probate of Will
  • Contest of Will
  • Obligations of fiduciaries and executors
  • Kinship (determining the potential beneficiaries’ ties with the deceased)
  • Administration of Estates and Trusts
  • Removing an Executor

And so much more. Hurry and contact a Probate Lawyer New York today to avoid making wrong decisions.

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